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101 Business Opportunities and Ideas
Discover 101 Business Opportunites and Ideas in South Africa

By: Franchise Finder

part 9: Direct Selling Business Opportunities

Direct selling businesses are based on the concept of purchasing bulk goods at a discount and reselling them to the public at a mark-up. South Africa has a variety of direct selling opportunities such as:


56. Health Supplements – Many companies such as Sportron and Conbrio Brands offer registered bulk buyers a substantial discount so that they can resell the products at the same price as the company does and make a profit on sales. Many people are looking after their health and trying to lead a healthier life style. These companies offer information packages and training for the selling of these products.
57. Jewellery & Fashion Accessories – Direct selling of jewellery and other fashion accessories has proven to be a lucrative way to make extra money. Companies such as Angel Jewellery & Accessories charge direct sellers a registration fee and then sell the bulk goods at a discounted rate. These goods are then marked up and sold. This type of direct selling can be done online via your own website or even offline door to door or through family and friends. With the right advertising in place and a passion for fashion, you can have a thriving business set up in no time at all.
58. Selling of Prepaid Airtime – These days there are ways that you can sell airtime directly from your cell phone or computer. The service providers will provide you with airtime stock every month at a discounted rate which enables you to make a profit. Great examples of businesses that are doing this well (and offer others the opportunity to do the same) are Star120, Earn as you go and Computer Wholesalers. You will need your own cell phone, computer and access to the internet in order to do this type of direct selling.
59. Selling Tupperware & Cookware – Many people do not actually grasp just how successful the selling of Tupperware has been over the years. Tupperware was started in 1945 and in 1946 the direct sales opportunity with this business was introduced to the market. This particular business has been going strong ever since. While Tupperware selling is a great example there are other similar, direct selling opportunities such as AMC Cookware. Both these businesses work on discounted bulk sales or orders from the main company, which are then sold on to your clients at a mark up. You will need to make yourself some business cards and always ensure that you have a product catalogue on you as well as product in stock. Sales opportunities are always around you in this particular type of business.
60. Art & Scrapbooking Accessories – This is the ideal direct selling business for someone who is involved in art or scrapbooking themselves. With companies such as Memory Works you can purchase new and interesting scrapbooking items and art supplies and sell them at a profit. Many people who are involved in arts and crafts are looking for something new and fresh for their artworks, and you can be just the person to provide it. You will need to ensure that you register with companies such as Memory Works and have a catalogue or samples to show potential clients. Having a website advertising your products will also prove to be a fantastic marketing medium.
61. Skin Care Products – Great direct selling opportunities in South Africa exist with well known skin care brands such as Avroy Shlain, Justine Cosmetics and Annique. All of these companies allow for direct sellers to open their own small businesses within the main business. Typical direct selling methods are used whereby the seller receives the product at a discounted rate and ads on a mark-up for profit. Registering with these companies to become a direct seller is as simple as visiting their website and filling out the relevant forms. If you are passionate about skin care, then this is the ideal direct selling business for you.
62. Educational Products – Selling educational products is certainly not difficult as most parents want to further their children’s education and general knowledge as much as possible. If you have a quality, affordable and educational product on offer, chances are it will do well. Companies such as Missing Link Education and LiveWireLearning offer items such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, CD’s, toys, science kits and books. You can register as a partner or direct seller and receive these items at a discounted rate - perfect for resale. This direct selling opportunity is best suited to those with young children or those that love to work with children (although anyone can sell these items with ease).
63. Life Insurance & Retirement Annuities – Many people think that the sale of life insurance and retirement annuities is only for financial advisors. They are wrong. Companies such as Clientele Life and The Unlimited World offer direct selling opportunities for those interested in having a thriving part-time or full-time business. They offer their packages at a discounted rate to their registered direct sellers who then make a profit off promoting and selling these packages, as a representative of the company. All sign-up forms, documentation, information and training is provided in order to ensure that you are able to effectively make sales. This direct selling opportunity is ideal for those who have an interest in both life insurance and retirement savings.



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