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101 Business Opportunities and Ideas
Discover 101 Business Opportunites and Ideas in South Africa

By: Franchise Finder

part 10: MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Business Opportunities

Multi-level marketing businesses all use a particular structure as part of their marketing strategies. The business operates around the idea of not only paying sellers for their own sales, but also remunerating them for new sellers they introduce to the company and giving them a portion of these new seller’s sales as well! This type of selling is also known as network marketing. This type of business creates a downline of distributors that form somewhat of a pyramid. Relationship referrals and word of mouth marketing is used to promote the products to direct customers and potential business partners. MLM business opportunities are known to be a powerful way to earn extra income both full time and part time. Wikipedia has even taken the time to make a list of global MLM businesses which you can view by visiting the following link: List of MLM Companies.

If MLM sounds like the type of business opportunity for you, then consider the following opportunities and ideas:


64. Selling Household Products – There is probably no need to introduce the leader in this market, GNLD (previously known as Golden Products). Many people support this brand not only because they have a global infrastructure but also because they have a vast range of household products, cleaning aids and nutritional products. In order to join this dynamic global company you simply register on their website and pay a R300 joining fee. You are then able to purchase bulk items from them at a 20-25% discount! This means that you can mark each of these items up and start making a valuable profit. GNLD is dedicated to providing information and training on all their products, so you can be rest assured that you will be well equipped to close sales and get the orders rolling in.
65. Health and Food Supplements Many health companies focus on MLM marketing and have been greatly successful with this. Amway Global, GNLD and Aim African Inc are great examples of health and food supplement multi level marketing businesses. Seminars are usually held in order to recruit new business partners and even direct customers. These seminars usually also offer training sessions where information on each product and general sales techniques are discussed and practiced. If you are passionate about health and making good extra income, then joining one of these businesses is the ideal start.
66. Weight Loss / Slimming Programs & Products – There are so many people out there looking to lose weight and go on some sort of program. Companies such as Herbalife are well supported internationally and locally and offer MLM business opportunities for those who trust in the products and programs. Of course all training and support is provided and you’ll be helping people enjoy a healthier and more active life. Joining Herbal Life’s program is the first step to setting up your MLM business with them.
67. Stock Market Education & Software Companies such as Stock Market College offer great MLM business opportunities to the public. Their program offers clients the opportunity to make an income and thereafter residual income from referring clients on to them to become clients or alternatively, purchase their stock market software. If you would like to try your hand out at it first, you can even download a free trial version of the software so that you know exactly what you will be selling. While you do not have to be an authorised financial advisor to do this, it is advised that you have some working knowledge of the stock market.
68. VOX Phone Programs – VOX phone suppliers such as and offer clients the opportunity to take full advantage of the MLM business system. There is usually a once off start-up fee with these types of MLM business opportunities and thereafter every client that you introduce to the system will earn you passive income. It is a great opportunity to take part in as you could be making commission while you sleep. In order to become part of this opportunity you will need to register with a VOX company and receive your handset and information package. Many people have even reported to save on their monthly phone bill once changing over to VOX.
69. Stem Cell Nutrition Supplements – In this day and age having stem cell storage done is very popular. Stem cells are collected from the umbilical cord of a newborn child and are cryogenically stored. These frozen cells can later be used to treat life threatening diseases to your child or family member. Stem Cell nutrition supplements claim to assist your body in releasing more adult Stem Cells.  The adult Stem Cells migrate to where they are needed in the body and in the process they can bring about regeneration and help your body to repair in areas where it has been stagnant or injured. While there is a great deal of hype and interest in this procedure, companies such as have introduced a niche MLM business opportunity selling Stem Cell Nutrition Supplements. Here you can introduce new members to the system and earn profit as much as 5 levels deep. For each member you introduce to the network you will earn a profit on them and the sales and members that they produce. The beauty of these MLM opportunities is that they operate on a global basis, so you can recruit new members from anywhere in the world. In order to run this MLM business opportunity you must be able to attend seminars and not be afraid to talk to people at expos and meetings. A South African version of this business opportunity is Stem Enhance which is available through
70. Water Ionising and Purification Systems – You can never be too careful and this is exactly why so many people purchase water purification and treatment systems for their homes and offices. Suppliers such as Ion Ways have made it possible for others to benefit from MLM business opportunities within their business. By purchasing your own water system and then registering as a marketer of their products you can receive an information pack and start building your client base immediately. You can make use of online marketing methods and can even involve your family and friends who will undoubtedly want to lead a healthier life style and support you. Signing up can be done on the respective websites. For this type of opportunity in South Africa you can sign up through Ozone.
71. Telecommunications – One great MLM opportunity that fully encompasses telecommunications would be that of Iteltalk. This company offers its very own cell phone service whereby you can make free calls to anyone who is using the same service. As you build your levels in your network, you will start earning commissions for their referrals and the referrals that they bring on board through their own clients. This is new to the South African market and bound to be a thriving success. Registering is as simple as visiting their website and all details and information is immediately supplied. All you will need is a cell phone and of course internet access to market your new product.
72. Legal Cover & Funeral Cover You will be surprised just how many people in South Africa haven’t thought of how their families and loved ones will cope should they pass away or there be a legal matter on their hands. By encouraging people to take out legal cover and funeral cover you can help them to better their futures and the futures of their loved ones. Companies such as Multisure offer both these products at a most affordable rate. The beauty of signing up with them for their MLM business opportunity is that you will earn a passive income for everyone you introduce along with a portion of the income from your downline. There is literally no limit to just how much extra income you can earn from this opportunity. The entire system is automated which will make it easier to set up and run.



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