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101 Business Opportunities and Ideas
Discover 101 Business Opportunites and Ideas in South Africa

By: Franchise Finder

part 8: Niche Business Opportunities

A business that caters to a niche market is one that offers information, products and services that are not addressed by main stream businesses. By establishing a niche market business you are ensuring yourself less competition for your specialised service or product. For instance, instead of selling aviary accessories and bird seed, you could focus on selling top quality and well designed bird cages. You can also narrow down your marketing expenses by focusing on one target audience or market segment such as areas of ethnic groups. It is important that you are able to meet all the needs of your niche market so make sure to do your research and gather as much information as possible. Make sure that you market your business right. Highlight your expertise in the subject and be sure to provide as much support as possible. Before entering any new niche market, take the time to test the market. This way you can see where the need lies and where you will be most supported. The following niche business opportunities and ideas will prove to be most successful:


50. Ticket Booking Service While many businesses out there advertise and promote gigs, shows and entertainment groups, how many of them focus solely on your area? You can create a niche business that focuses solely on events and happenings in your area and allow pre-booking of entrance and tickets. You will need to have a website set in place for bookings and can even advertise on local sites such as, and other free classified advertising sites. Facebook is also a fantastic place to advertise events. You will find that if you chat to friends and family in the area, they will be keen to see what is happening in their home town. This type of niche marketing business would be ideal for those who like to get out and about and enjoy local events.
51. Car Advertising Business Advertising agencies usually cover a broad selection of advertising opportunities for their clients, but very rarely focus on one particular type of advertising. You could create a niche market business that focuses on placing high quality and eye catching advertisements on a variety of vehicles. This is prime advertising space and also allows for students and young professionals to earn some extra money while driving around. Clients are usually charged a monthly fee and are also expected to pay the cost of the decals or magnetic adverts. You would need to have a good relationship with a vehicle branding company and have some marketing skills in order to operate this business successfully.
52. Dress Hire Company Instead of making and selling a variety of evening dresses and wedding gowns, you could start a dress hire company. Your dress hire company could focus mainly on wedding gowns and Matric dance dresses. This is ideal as most brides to be and students cannot afford the often hefty price tags attached to dresses in the boutique stores. You can easily and effectively advertise your range of dresses on your website and invite potential clients for private fittings when it suits both parties. This niche market business will also allow for you to have flexible working hours.
53. Tool Hire Business While there are many hardware stores available, not everyone needs or can afford to buy expensive garden and hardware tools for one day’s work. You could set up a niche tool hire business that focuses on one type of tool or group of tools, say garden tools, and offer them for hire only in your area. You will find that with proper advertising and reasonable rates, you will be well supported by your local neighbours. You will of course need a wide selection of garden tools and a computer to record who has taken tools for hire each day. Having a printer would also help as you can print hire forms and have your customers fill them out. This particular type of niche business will not be excessively demanding on your time and you can easily run it from your own home or garage.
54. Snack Platters This particular type of niche market business is popular as full service caterers are often quite expensive. A great example of a company that focuses just on snack platters in their catering business would be Gourmet Basket where everything they create is picnic style. You can easily advertise your platters and prices on websites such as SouthAfricanFoodies and start taking online orders! This particular type of business is ideal for stay at home moms or those who have a keen interest in cooking and presenting delicious snacks for small functions and events. Advertising your services online would be ideal as well as most people turn to the internet to research suppliers for their events.
55. Indoor Plants Service This type of niche business could be very popular in the market. Many businesses want their offices to look inviting and pleasing to their clients and often try to incorporate plants and flowers into their open spaces. The problem with this is that these plants often die and can be expensive for the business to maintain. By offering an indoor plant hire service you can furnish local business’ offices with a variety of plants and visit them once or twice a week to clean, water and treat them. Tropical Plant Displays are great examples of South African companies that are doing well offering this very service.



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