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101 Business Opportunities and Ideas
Discover 101 Business Opportunites and Ideas in South Africa

By: Franchise Finder

part 6: Buy a Business

Sometimes buying an existing business has less risk attached as the business is established and has a client base in existence. If you would like to avoid the hassle of starting up a new business and feel that buying a business would be more ideal, then the following businesses and ideas should be considered:


43. Carpet Cleaning Businesses Carpet cleaning businesses in South Africa are well supported as there is nothing quite like having a professional cleaning job done in ones home. Many people have their carpets cleaned once a year and people who are moving home or relocating or even selling their homes have a need for carpet cleaning services. By buying a carpet cleaning business that is already operating you are ensuring that you have the benefit of repeat customers and will also benefit from advertising and marketing material that is already in circulation.
44. Storage and Warehousing Businesses Buying a storage and warehousing business is a great investment in that you won’t physically need to handle the workload and it provides a set monthly income. These types of businesses usually offer storage facilities in separate areas for clients who can access their storage at any time. You will need to inspect the premises of the business for sale and see how many of the existing clients are long term. You will also need to ensure that sufficient security measures are in place so that your client’s belongings and valuables are safe at all times. Great examples of this type of business that are successful are Rent-a-Store and StorTown.
45. Coffee Shops and Restaurants Buying a restaurant or coffee shop is a fantastic way to start making great profit. If the business is not a franchise you will have free reign to incorporate new ideas and specials that will put you ahead of the competition. Buying a restaurant or coffee shop must be done with great care though - Ensure that it has a strong customer base and that it is in a busy area. Once you have taken it over, it’s important that you have a strong presence so that customers can get to know you and vice versa.


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