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101 Business Opportunities and Ideas
Discover 101 Business Opportunites and Ideas in South Africa

By: Franchise Finder

part 5: Small Business Opportunities

When considering small business opportunities and ideas it is important to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. While not everyone can work in the industry that they like most, if you are going to run and own your own business, then try aim at becoming involved in something that really does interest you. Know what your skills are and be aware of what you can offer your business. You can choose to start your own small business from scratch, or even secure an agency for an existing business. Regardless of what you decide, hard work and dedication will be required to make your business a success.

If you decide to start your own small business from scratch, then consider the following business ideas and concepts:

Start a Small Business:
39. General Service and Run AroundBusiness – This business idea is starting to be well supported in South Africa and the beauty of it is that there is still a gap in the market for entrepreneurs with new ideas to join the existing companies. Great examples include Bunny Hop and Mom’s UIF Assist. These types of businesses are built around the idea that hardworking citizens do not have the time to stand in queues or do general chores while they are at work. Having to do these chores on the weekend would then cut into their relaxation time. Your business could be set up very cost effectively and you could offer to stand in queues and complete documentation at home affairs’ offices, drop off dry cleaning for clients, collect and deliver important documents and even assist with licensing of vehicles, grocery shopping and even lifting children to and from school . The options are limitless and there is certainly a demand for this. Your initial start up costs would be low and you could start advertising at local stores and on notice boards in order to keep costs down.
40. Desktop Publishing Services Desktop publishing is a great start-up business but it does require a rather big outlay as you will need a quality laser computer, printer and design software such as Illustrator or InDesign as well as Photoshop. Of course you will also need a good flair for designing and creating flyers and business cards. Take the time to call your friends and family and find out if they would be interested in you providing them with this service. You will be surprised at how easy it is to get going and advertising by word of mouth can be very powerful.
41. Secretarial Services Many small South African businesses have a need for documents to be typed, plans to be created and articles to be proof read, but do not have the need to take on a full time staff member. By offering these services to local businesses you can charge them per job and start making great profits. All you will need is typing skills, good organisational skills, a computer, access to the internet and a printer. Secretarial services could go a long way and be a thriving success in the South African business market. Take the time to have some flyers distributed and try to chat to family and friends of yours that are involved in business in order to secure yourself your first jobs.
42. Small Event Management If you have time on your hands and love organising events, then you could turn this into a profitable business. If you do not want to fork out large start up costs for items such as tables, chairs and décor, then you can make use of a local supplier and simply put a small mark up on their prices and charge your clients a reasonable service fee. It is important to understand that a lot of planning and hard work goes into planning events and functions and you will need to be dedicated and on top of your game at all times. Try and enter a niche that you can relate to whether it be planning weddings, birthday parties or networking events. You will need a computer and some office space for your planning, which can even be done from home until your business has grown. Event and function planning may be a stressful business, but the rewards are fantastic.


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