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101 Business Opportunities and Ideas
Discover 101 Business Opportunites and Ideas in South Africa

By: Franchise Finder

part 12: Business Opportunities based on events

Business opportunities that are based on events are usually quite successful in that they focus on a very specific target market and offer them exactly what they are looking for. There are many events and functions hosted by South Africa that would provide prime business opportunities for those who are looking for short term businesses. Make sure to do your home work and research the service or product you want to offer before jumping into a business.


Soccer 2010 Business Opportunities:

With the soccer world cup quickly approaching, it goes without saying that everyone wants a piece of the pie. Starting up a short-term business that is focused on clients who will be attending the soccer world cup is a good way to secure some extra money for your income. The following money making ideas and opportunities should be considered:

84. Unofficial Tourist Accommodation – If you are only looking for a short term extra income opportunity then going the official route with offering accommodation would mean that you would need to have your property graded. The unofficial route would be to rent out your granny flat or home over that period through an estate agency. Seeff are actually already offering this service to those who would like to make extra money over this period. Property owners can expect to earn approximately R1000 per person per night. This is the ideal short term business opportunity if you own property or would like to invest in property for income purposes.
85. Set up a Food & Drinks Stall – You will only be allowed to do this outside of the official FIFA control zones and will still need to abide by local council laws. With the large influx of extra travellers to the area there is bound to be a huge demand for food and beverages. Make sure that you have everything pre-planned and that your meat suppliers are able to provide a quality product at an affordable rate.
86. Provide a Top Class and Reliable Transport Service There is no doubt that there will be a need for transport to be provided to the thousands of visitors to flock to the country. Not all of these visitors will know how or where to book transport services. By advertising these services you can pick tourists up from their hotels or establishments and transport them to and from the games. This could earn you valuable extra income. You will need to have a reliable and safe vehicle and have a valid driver’s license.
87. Local Maps & Info Booklets – By advertising in advance and even selling at the actual time of the world cup, you could make up and distribute some good quality local maps and info booklets. With the street names all being changed it will be difficult for tourists to find their way around if they are in possession of old advertising and tourism related material. You could even earn revenue by offering advertising space in these maps and booklets for local restaurants and places of interest. Make sure that these booklets are fairly cheap in order to secure a larger amount of sales.
88. Sell South African Memorabilia – While there is the standard memorabilia available in every curio shop in the country, you have the opportunity to bring something new to the market. Perhaps put together truly South African braai starter packs or package Vuvuzela’s for the fun and enjoyment of foreigners. If you have something interesting to offer, you will definitely make the sales. Just make sure you do not use any of the FIFA or city branding on your items.
89. Hire out Cell Phones – Having cell phones to communicate with friends and family will be important to tourists. You could register a variety of cell phones to your short term company and hire them out for a profit. You can either provide them with recharge vouchers or even set limits on contract cards. All your cell phones will need to be insured and RICA compliant. You will need to record all the details of all your customers to ensure that you do not lose track of your rented phones.
90. Gifts If you have creative flair you can approach local guest houses and bed and breakfasts and offer to supply them with some African styled gifts for their foreign guests. Offering something different as a keepsake will go a long way to having the guest house remembered once the travellers have left. Make sure that you are able to provide a quality product and have some extra in stock in case more are required.

Other sporting, social, business and leisure events in South Africa also draw large crowds both locally and from abroad. There are of course business opportunities that can be taken advantage of at these times in order to earn some extra money. The following business ideas should be considered:

91. Tent Hire – Many local music and entertainment events offer supporters the option of camping while attending the events. Great examples are Splashy Fen and Woodstock. While many people may not want to purchase new tents for a weekend, they would certainly be interested in hiring one. The beauty of this type of business is that you can easily hire your tents out throughout the year to holiday makers. You could market your tents for hire online via a website, Facebook or by word of mouth.
92. Portable Vending Machines – Snacks and drinks are always in high demand when there is a gathering of people at an event, function or even expo. By chatting to the function organisers and paying a fee to place your vending machines at the venue or close to the venue you could start earning great extra income. Vending machines could have chips, cold drinks, coffee and even pies. Having these machines at sporting events and expos is absolutely ideal. You will need to find well priced vending machines and stock. Make sure to always have extra stock on hand to re-stock machines that sell out.
93. Office Assistant Services – Often companies travel from other areas of the country to attend conferences, expos and big national meetings. During this time they do not have constant access to telephone lines, internet and fax lines. They also don’t have someone to do all the running around for them. By offering your services and good organisational skills you can assist businessmen and women to achieve all they need to in the time that they have available to them. You will need to have a cell phone on contract, your own vehicle and a laptop with internet access (perhaps a 3G USB modem). This way you will be able to carry out any tasks or duties unhindered. Securing a client base will take some work. While many of the larger venues will have their own dedicated staff for this service, you could approach smaller venues and even direct companies and form a relationship with them. This way the venues will refer you to team building groups and conference members. If you target large companies and offer them a valuable service (you could even book the event and conference venues for them) you could definitely get your foot in the door.
94. Designated Driver Services – Many South African cities host concerts and large events where alcohol is sold and consumed. Those attending these concerts are going to need a safe way to return home or to their hotels. By offering a professional service to these people you could earn a good extra income. You will need to ensure that you have a safe vehicle and a valid drivers licence.
95. Sun Protection - With South Africa hosting so many outdoor sporting events such as five day test cricket, the Ocean Africa Beach Festival and the Comrades Marathon, sun exposure is a major concern. By supplying a variety of sun protection methods such as sunscreen, wide brimmed hats and sunglasses you could generate a healthy income. You can obtain these sun protection items from reputable manufacturers of such goods or you could even make your own hats with their own unique designs. This venture will be two fold; firstly protecting loyal supporters from dangerous UV rays and secondly providing you with an extra income.
96. Professional Valet Service You could offer your valet services for upmarket events and functions such as the Annual Polo Event at the Inanda Polo Sports Club in Gauteng or even at ICC events. Meeting with venue event managers can assist you with securing these types of events. Make sure that you take into account the cost of official uniforms and make sure to do background checks on your staff members.
97. Instant Photographic Services For this type of service you would need a Polaroid camera and some themed frames. At events such as the cricket, international rugby and soccer games you can offer supporters the opportunity to capture the memory without the risk of having to take their own camera equipment along. You could give your service a catchy name and even load your photos onto a website, much like
98. Child Care Services - Many people attend sporting, business and social events with their children in tow. Understandably these events can become boring and tiresome for young children. You could quite easily offer to take care of and entertain these children while their parents are otherwise engaged. You could advertise your services before hand or approach parents at the event. Chat to the event organiser who could then refer you to potential clients.
99. Refreshment Runner Service At major sporting events such as the rugby and cricket you could provide supporters with a service whereby their refreshments are ordered and delivered directly to them. You could charge a standard service fee or a percentage of their total order. You could even hire students to assist you with this service. This business idea would be extremely cost effective to implement as no capital outlay is required.
100. Car Wash Service Whilst supporters are watching their favourite sports stars perform, you and your team of casual employees can wash their cars for a predetermined service fee, which can be payable on their return to their vehicle after the event. You will need to factor in the cost of uniforms and transport for your staff to the various venues along with the cost of cleaning materials.
101. Kids Toys & Keepsakes When attending sporting events, functions and shows, many parents take their children with them. Many times the children want to feel more involved or need some form of related entertainment to keep them interested and occupied. By producing cost effective items such as cricket (for cricket matches), rugby balls (for rugby games) and other sporting equipment directly aimed at and manufactured for children, you could make quite a decent profit. You could approach the event venue and obtain permission to sell these items on the grand stands or even sell them outside the venue. By having a good relationship with event organisers you could secure yourself some great extra money.

Regardless of the type of business opportunity you get involved in, you need to remember that dedication and hard work is required. If you are willing to work hard at your business then you are almost guaranteed a success. Take the time to research the type of business you are looking to get involved in.


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